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sakorick 03-01-2018 07:40 AM

reheat pizza
Since I live alone most of the time and I love pizza, there is always quite a bit of the pie left over. I really don't like old pizza as I've never been able to reheat it without making it taste like a stale rubber band........until now! Last night I had a nice fire going in the wood stove and simply put the cold pizza in a cast iron skillet covered with a loose fitting lid and reheated for 8 to 10 minutes. The bottom line is that the pizza was terrific! I would say my stove top was at medium so just try this and be amazed....even the cheese was good.

jaeger88 03-01-2018 11:04 AM

Re: reheat pizza
It would be a very cold day in hell, if there was ever any Pizza left over in our house the next day, & I'm not that keen on the stuff !.

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