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Dragonfly 10-20-2004 11:07 AM

True Story!!! LOL!!!
Here's the set up: Two men head out to Va to pick up a body in a hearse. They get to Va and load the casket in the hearse. As you know a hearse has a sliding glass window between the front of the hearse and the back. They are to deliver the casket to Johnson City, TN. for bural.

Now for the story:

They've picked up the body and decide to travel from Va by going into NC and then back into Tn.
They stop in Boone,NC for gas. One man gets out and fills the tank with gas and the other man sits in the car. The man after filling the tank says he's going into the gas station and get sodas for them both. He leaves the hearse with the other man still sitting inside.
While he is gone getting sodas a man walks up to the hearse and asks "where yo'al heading?" the man tells him they are heading to Johnson City, TN . The man says " can I hitch a ride? I have no fear of dead people" and the man in the hearse agrees and tells him to crawl into the back of the hearse.

The driver comes back and they head down the road. Coming back into TN from Boone, NC requires you to drive over Holston Mountain and the road is loaded with curves and switch backs.

They have just gotten a good start down the mountain and are enjoying their sodas when the window in the back slides open and their passenger (whom the driver knew nothing about) says "say either one of you fellars got a light?"

The driver in shock and scared out of his wits immediately drives the hearse off the mountain road and down a ridge until a tree stops the movememt of the hearse.

If you have ever driven a hearse with a body in the back you will understand the driver's reaction. :eek:

12 gauge 10-20-2004 01:43 PM

Re: True Story!!! LOL!!!

Good un!

Yeah i would be shocked too lol!

hope ya got more up your sleeves draggy!

God bless :D

Dragonfly 10-20-2004 01:46 PM

Re: True Story!!! LOL!!!
Well, I might have one or two more stuck up my sleeves 12ga. :D

12 gauge 10-20-2004 01:56 PM

Re: True Story!!! LOL!!!
Good love to hear em!

I love jokes, expecially your jokes and all the others..I love getting a good laugh everynow and then, it relieves me from stress and brightens my day ;) :)

Keep em coming Draggy!

God bless :D

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