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Paul Hoskins 05-31-2020 05:52 PM

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One of my cousins bought the old homeplace down in the mountains several years ago & more or less turned it into a junkyard of old cars & trucks. He & some of his children built new housed in tha flatland but that doesn't deter the rattlesnakes & copperheads. The picture is one of his sons with a timber rattler he killed in his yard with a golf club. It's not a big one but decent sized. Appears to be 4 1/2 feet long or so. I have seen three around there that were over 6 feet long. Several over 5 feet long. Any of them can make you feel bad if they bite you. Unlike copperheads, they seldom bite you. Usually when you step on them. .......There is two varities of Eastern timber rattlesnakes. The yellow & black. Both are beautiful snakes but I like the dark oness better. They do seem a bit more irritable & agressive than the yellow variety. You don't want to kiss either one though. .......Paul H

gitano 05-31-2020 08:47 PM

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