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unknown_one 04-09-2006 08:21 PM

Olympic Peninsula Deer
Anyone interested for 2006? I'd perfer rifle but I also have a bow.

Alboy 04-10-2006 07:43 AM

Re: Olympic Peninsula Deer
Been talking with Kanabal about elk during the black posder season and we are trying to get it all together for this year.

Do you think it worth while to pick up a deer tag at the same time? We will be hunting on the Penninsula some where.

unknown_one 04-10-2006 11:17 AM

Re: Olympic Peninsula Deer
In 2005, the general muzzleloader elk and deer seasons were the same dates so it would make sense to buy the deer tag 'just in case'. The dates for 2006 have yet to be published, as far as I can tell. These dates are due out by May15th, 2006 though.

Do you have any ideas where on the peninsula yet?

Alboy 04-10-2006 12:40 PM

Re: Olympic Peninsula Deer

Elk is the week of 1-7 Oct, I wll have to check but I think deer is the same.

unknown_one 04-10-2006 01:06 PM

Re: Olympic Peninsula Deer
That is the early season and deer is exactly the same. The late seasons match also. I have the 2005 rule book here on my desk.

unknown_one 08-26-2007 09:58 AM

Re: Olympic Peninsula Deer

Originally Posted by unknown_one (Post 43094)
Anyone interested for 2006? I'd perfer rifle but I also have a bow.

Updated for 2007. Didn't get one last year but it was not for a lack of trying.

Alboy 08-27-2007 12:44 PM

Re: Olympic Peninsula Deer

Want to keep in touch. I will not be a realistic prospect this year. We are currently going though a merger so I am pretty strapped for time for hunting in 2007. I have been trying to get out to Washington for the last 3 years or so and have not given up yet. I will start planning now for 2008 so kind of plan on some company next year. There will be 2-4 hunters in the group depencing on how we can get it set up. You up for that?

unknown_one 08-27-2007 01:52 PM

Re: Olympic Peninsula Deer
Thats cool, I am not planning on going anywhere soon.

I just went thru a merger from December to June. And now I gots a new job. They employed the chainsaw management method to profitablitily. Its a hot job market now so no big deal.

Alboy 08-27-2007 06:09 PM

Re: Olympic Peninsula Deer

I move our stuff around the rest of the world I was a solo act, the company we are merging with is fleet size probably twice of our size and they had two guys. I really do not see it getting any smaller than that and get it done. My average week runs 50 hours on the easy side and 70 on the tougher side.

Exterran if you want to google them up.

unknown_one 08-27-2007 07:14 PM

Re: Olympic Peninsula Deer
I worked for a company that made mortgage software, the down turn in the housing martket sealed their fate. Not too many companies buy software in a declining market. Now I work for an online travel company whose commercials end with a singing harmony of "Dot Com", not the silly little knome. (Though I think the knome commercials are funny).

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