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sakorick 01-30-2021 05:00 PM

Covid 19
I took my first shot today at the Park Baptist Church in Brookfield. I signed up on Thursday and they got me an appointment real fast. Park Baptist has a large meeting hall apart from the church that is like a large open conference center. They had 4 stations in each corner with 2 nurses per table....all volunteers. This was the most organized thought out execution of a plan that I have ever seen. My appointment was a 1200 noon and I arrived at 1150. I was given a form to sign and a inoculation card all filled out exactly correct. Once I get the 2d shot 3 weeks from now I'm going to laminate it. Anyway I sighted 2 nurses waving their arms at station 3, in about 45 seconds the slender pretty nurse gave me the shot which I barely felt. She put a bandage on it and said to pick out a seat for the 15 minute waiting period. The time was 1159 and they were waving for the next person. I haven't seen a better organized thought out plan since my military days. I took the Pfizer shot so the next one is already scheduled for exactly 3 weeks from today and the same time and place.......I hope the pretty nurse is on duty because that is where I"m headed! After the 2d shot a week later I will be ready to start planning a few trips. Virginia and AK at the top of the list. This is better than drawing a get out of jail free card!!:biggthumpup:

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