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Re: BSA Martini .22 LR
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Default Re: BSA Martini .22 LR

Hi Gitano,

Well I missed this as I was MIA so to speak from THL but I'll jump in very late.

It's not a Centurion as the stippling upon the barrel is not there so it's a Model 12/15. The inserts for the P-H FS22 fore sight do crop up but be advised they are smaller than those for the Full Bore rifles. I got caught out and brought a load before finding out they didn't fit.

Now if that butt stock is worrying you then if you have not sorted it our by now I happen to have a complete matching stock set from a 12/15. it does not have the buttplate but you have that already and a fairly good one too. They often show the steel inner out the bottom ,toe, of the plate.
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