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Developing relationships with nature
Old 03-08-2018, 12:05 PM
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Default Developing relationships with nature

I don't really know how or where to start with this thread so I'll blunder thru it. You can agree or disagree with me if you want. This is just a few things I've learned in life from just living it. ......When I was growing up back in the 1930's & 1940's into the early 1950's in the Cumberland Mountains of SE Kentucky, people had much different views on everything than today's people. From an early stage we were taught to be on constant lookout for snakes of all kinds, especially rattle snakes & copperheads. Usually by age 6 or 8 years we didn't even think of them till we came across one. Garter snakes & various black snakes & common water snakes were everywhere. We paid little attention to them. We were taught rattlers & copperheads were very dangerous. There was plenty of both around. I found rattlers to be relatively "friendly" until touched. Copperheads were another matter. It seems they are even tempered. Mad all the time. Rattle snakes would bite but didn't immediately run away like a copperhead does. I was never bitten by a rattler. Copperheads are a different story. I never had any ambition or desire to get intimate with either one but have had rattlers as "pets" of sorts. I learned if you don't harm them & feed & water them they become relatively docile. ......Bees & wasp of all sorts were another no, no. That is generally true. Ball hornets, ground hornets, yellow jackets, bumble bees & wasp of all sorts have a natural nasty disposition. Sweat bees are harmless but vile when mashed against the skin. I would be too. There is several kinds of honey bees & each variety seems to have different dispositions. All of them will sting if not treated with respect. The little German or black honey bee has a vile temper. I don't care how you look at them. Common European honey bees are relatively harmless. They can be robbed easily with little or no trouble unless you do something to provoke them. The Russian black honey bee is possibly the most friendly bee of all. I was NEVER stung by one. They're also the laziest bee I've worked with. Poor producers but high on laziness. ......One thing I learned over the years working with honey bees is develop a "relationship" with them. That means visit them often. Let them get used to your scent. In summer after I got home from work I would strip my clothes off & put on an old pair of cut off jeans, grab a beer & go out & sit among the bee hives & just watch them work for a couple beers. They become accustomed to you & for the most part ignore you when you're working in them. As a kid I donned all sorts of sting prevention gimmicks. Actually all for nothing if I had been more knowledgable. I think I have an old picture of my father & I putting a huge swarm of bees in the hive back around 1947 or therebouts. Usually it's too hot to be wearing all that "protection" & it's not necessary anyway. ......I'll post more later. Have to rest my eyes. ......Paul H
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