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Colorado 2018 Mule Deer Hunt
Old 11-05-2018, 04:28 PM
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Default Colorado 2018 Mule Deer Hunt

This hunt started out, for me, in the usual way: Hunterbug calling me to remind me of the impending deadlines for applying for drawing permits to hunt deer and elk in Colorado. After considerable 'analysis' to figure out "who, what, when, and where", we decided that I would put in for some tough-to-draw hunts for trophy deer and elk as my first choices, and some not-so-tough-to-draw hunts for buck deer and cow elk in Unit 18 as second choices. As I reported in an earlier post, as expected, I did not get drawn for the trophy hunts but did get drawn for both the buck deer and cow elk. Because of the area we would be hunting, I decided to give the elk tag back ($496) and just pay for the doe tag ($396). By design, if I got drawn for either the deer or elk, I would be hunting with THL members Hunterbug, JaDub, and crackalope, as well as hunterbug's youngest daughter. I made the necessary travel reservations.

There was of course some thought given to what rifle I would take. Among those being considered was the 8mm SLT (http://thehunterslife.com/forums/sho...t=12857&page=2), the .416x348 Win Ruger "No. 2" I am currently working on (http://thehunterslife.com/forums/showthread.php?t=19959), and my old stand-by 7mmx300 Weatherby (http://thehunterslife.com/forums/sho...ighlight=7x300). After talking about the ranges anticipated, I decided on the 7x300. In light of the "ranges anticipated", I worked up some new loads for the 7x300 - 140-grain Nosler Accubonds - http://thehunterslife.com/forums/sho...ighlight=7x300.

The morning I was flying out I got to the airport in plenty of time to take care of the 'extra stuff' one has to deal with when transporting firearms. However, as soon as I got in line to check my bags, I was asked "Are you going to Seattle on flight ***?" To which I responded "Yes". To which 'they' responded, "It's been delayed, and you are being rescheduled." The reason I put delayed in italics is that when a flight gets "delayed", they don't reschedule EVERYONE on the flight, you just wait for the the plane to arrive. The TRUTH was that the flight had been CANCELLED. Anyway, so as not to belabor an unpleasant part of the trip, the bottom line was that I was delayed about an hour and a half, meaning that instead of arriving in Denver at 5:30 PM, I arrived at 7:10 PM. Nevertheless, that has some bearing on the outcome of this hunt that I will get to later. Hunterbug met me at the airport and we got out without mishap.

We spent the rest of the evening looking at firearms and archery equipment, and making sure we had all the 'pieces' we needed in order to leave the following morning. The drive was about 2 hours, and JaDub and crackalope would already be onsite and have crackalope's trailer set up by the time we arrived.

Upon arrival at the huntin' grounds, we spent a few minutes getting acquainted, and then started setting up Hunterbug's new tent. We decided it would be called the Taj Mahal. I'm pretty sure you could park a small car inside it! It was practically palatial for just HB and I. (HB's daughter would be sleeping in the trailer with crackalope and JaDub.) With camp all set up, we sat around enjoying the settings and discussed the following morning's plans. Once the sun went down, it got pretty cool pretty quick so we went into the trailer and had dinner. If I remember correctly, that first night we had venison stew that HB had prepared in advance. It was excellent! (HB had promised me not to bring "chili". ).

That's the background. Next post will be the "opening morning" complete with dead deer pictures.


PS - We don't have any pictures of the tent from this trip, but here's a picture of it from an earlier trip:

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