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Advantages of Winter
Old 04-25-2020, 09:30 AM
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Default Advantages of Winter

Gitano recently posted about the mosquito's returning after a long winter. That reminds me that is about the only advantage of winter & cold weather. The lack of biting & stinging insects. It seems like the only relief we get is in winter. Lately I've seen wasp, honey bees, bumble bees and carpenter bees but no yellow jackets or eastern bald faced hornets yet. I pay little attention to all but the last two. I like honey bees & tolerate all the others except yellow jackets & hornets. These two I despise.

Yellow jackets are meaner than a tomcat on Sterno. Eastern bald faced hornets are meaner than a yellow jacket on Sterno and steroids. The yellow jacket usually nest in a hole in the ground but hornets build paper nest above ground. The yellow jacket, if disturbed will hit you & stick with you while hornets hit you, sting & back off & do it again repeatedly. They possess the ability to hit you around the eyes with surprising accuracy too. They seem to know the most sensitive spots.

When I was a teenager I became somewhat attracted to a young girl about my age that lived down the road a couple miles from me. I wasn't the only one either. Other boys in the area had similar feelings but were afraid of her mother who was a frail looking widow & very protective off her pretty little daughter.I too suspected she was the shotgun type. My buddy & confidant, another young woman. told me she would talk to the mother about me "seeing" her daughter. A week or so later she told me I shoould go calling on the widow & daughter on Sunday around 1 PM.

When I arrived at the appointed time I was announced by a skinny mutt under the steps. There was no porch to the shack. Just steps going up to the front door. The mother greeted me & yelled at the dog & invited me in. The door had been closed & I wondered why since it was the middle of August & 90 degrees. I was surprised it was much cooler inside with windows open on the east & west sides of the room. The daughter was beautiful in a white blouse, long full skirt that came to her ankles. ALL women & girls in the early 1950's wore clothes like that. NO women dared wear slacks or pants. She had on a pair of those dratted black & white shoes too.
The next thing that caught my eye was around a dozen blue 12 gauge shotgun shells lined up in a neat row on the widow sill that said Peters High Velocity # 6 on the side & right beside them was what looked like an Iver Johnson shotgun with a 36 inch barrel. (GULP)

The girl suggested we go outside. I suspect she noticed I was a bit nervous. All three of us went out in front of the shack that sat back in the woods a bit from the road. We chatted a bit & the girl suggested we walk over & sit on a log at the edge of the clearing. Good idea & I glanced at the mother & she cast a baleful stare right at me. No words were necessary. The girl & I walked to the log & her mother went back in the house but left the door open. The girl lifted the back of her skirt a bit & sat down on the log. I sat beside her. She was chattering like a ruptured duck but I have no idea what she said. I was likely thinking about those blue shotgun shells. I noticed she wasn't talking & looked at her. She had a strange look on her face but smiled, lifted her skirt off her thighs a bit & crossed her legs.

Instantly she jumped to her feet & let out a blood curdling scream,jumping around slapping her thighs like an Indian brave doing a war dance. Her mother appeared in the door just as quick with what looked like an Iver Johnson, Owl Head revolver in hand. I was mortified. In 3 seconds with time to spare the girl removed her skirt & half slip with yellow jackets pouring out of it. She ran into the house fast as a turkey & disappeared. I looked down by the log where she sat & yellow jackets were fogging around a hole. It all made sense to me then. I picked up her skirt & half slip & went to the door but her mom stopped me, snatched the skirt & slip & told me to go home & never mention to anyone what I saw. Oddly I never got a single sting. That was the end of a very brief romance. Just as well I suppose. I never liked black & white shoes anyway. ........Paul H
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