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Re: Reloading for 12.7x44R (CF) - Cast and Jacketed
Old 03-06-2018, 12:15 PM
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Default Re: Reloading for 12.7x44R (CF) - Cast and Jacketed


I gave up on shooting cast bullets without gas checks. Even though the Minie is "plain based", I intend to put a gas check backwards against it and on top of powder, using it like an "over-powder card"and HOPING that it 'scrapes lead' on its way out. (If I recall, you did some experimenting with "backwards" GCs, didn't you?)

At the moment, I have no information on velocities or anything else that relays ANY information based on actual shooting. Since I have the jacketed bullets, I am planning on using those for "high speed" - 1800 to 2100 f/s - and relegating the cast lead to less than 1600 f/s. Maybe down around 1400 f/s. I simply have not been able to get cast lead to NOT leave lead in the barrel at velocities above about 1400 f/s.

Jay Edwards turned me on to a cast bullet lube recipe of 50:50 ratio of rendered bear grease and beeswax. That's what I use. I have A LOT of rendered bear grease, so if you would like some, let me know. This recipe is now being sold at a site called October Country http://www.octobercountry.com/bumblin-bear-grease-4-oz/ . (I don't understand how they get away with this, as it is my understanding that it is a FEDERAL CRIME (like GO TO JAIL crime!) to SELL ANYTHING that comes from a bear.) Supposedly, this recipe is good for "cold climate use" as the bear grease prevents the lube from hardening in the cold. Also, I THINK it is used MOSTLY for lubing patches, but I use it on 'everything'.

Don Rinks (AKA Drinksgin) advocated for the "blue stuff". (I can't recall it's name at the moment.) It worked pretty good. But like I said, I couldn't find ANY lube that allowed me to shoot cast lead at over something around 1400 f/s without leaving serious lead in the barrel.

Finally, I readily admit that I did not spend an inordinate amount of time 'tuning' my bullets to my firearms' bores. I tried to get the bullet caliber to be ~0.001" bigger than the groove diameter of my guns, but if I couldn't, I DID NOT buy custom dies or custom sizers to accomplish that. I also didn't fiddle too much with velocity. I'm not interested in target shooting, and not too much in plinking. So if I couldn't get up above 1600 f/s (for a 500-grain bullet), I pretty much gave up and went to jacketed.

So you see, I'm not much 'to look at' when it comes to shooting cast lead. I do REALLY like patched round ball in muzzle loaders though!

THIS rolling block rifle is a little different in that the 'bar' is a little lower in terms of max range of delivered energy. (Maybe it is more towards what you have in some of your firearms that you shoot cast lead in.) I don't anticipate taking this rifle anywhere where I would have to shot at a range greater than about 150 yd. Therefore, I feel I can afford to lower the MV a little. Still, were I to take this rifle to say, "Rick's place", to shoot whitetails, more than likely I'd be using jacketed bullets.

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