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Paper patched bullets for 9.3mm- Jay?
Old 06-26-2006, 12:18 PM
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Default Paper patched bullets for 9.3mm- Jay?

Hi All,

Hmmm I wonder if anyone can throw some light on this for me. Jay might be able to ........................ well I am hoping that he can . Due to the stupidity of our laws and the fact that the local Plods wish to remove the Husqvarna Model 46 in 9.3x57mm from the ones I can hunt deer with which in turn means that I cannot get expanding (soft point) bullets for it anymore and as I do not know of a reliable source of FMJ or Match bullets in 9.3mm I am reduced to using cast or most likely paper patched bullets due to the velocities I wish to obtain.

The aim is to develop a load using bullets in the 200-250 grain range at velocites of 2000-2350fps hence the idea of using paper patched bullets, also with the patched bullets if I can get a nice accurate shooting load giving say 1" or so groups the possiblitly of hunting with a softish lead paper patched bullet becomes a possibilty. .

The main problem is that on the Husqvarna the bore or rather groove size is what most would call oversize the grooves are about 0.008" deep. Measuring it with a Digital vernier caliper the best I can gives a groove size of 0.371" and a bore size of 0.356". Now one option is to get a sizer die for my Lyman 4450 lube sizer which I have never used as of yet and buy a 0.375" mould and size the bullets down to 0.372" or try to utilise the Lyman moulds I picked up at a show some years ago when I first got this rifle.

They are actually 0.358" moulds numbers:-


The 35897 mould is a tapered nose Gas Checked bullet of 226 grains and I have wondered about clocking it up in the 4 jaw and boring it out slightly . The 35875 is a 200 grain mould I am led to believe and I wonder if I could patch this bullet up to suit my purpose. Now I did tinker with this a while back and they shot, well they went downrange but that's about all I can really say , ideas about powders and paper suitable for this would be apprieciated .

Of course I really need to make up a tapered expander to allow the necks to be made the correct size to accept the patched bullets without tearing the patch. I do have a Lyman "M" die here for .31 long so making a new "M" type plug to fit the die would likely be the best route to go .

I am all ears gentlemen .
Go Get them Floyd!
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