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Default Re: >> 6.5 MM -- IS THIS THE "PERFECT" CALIBER ?

Based on past experience, I feel the following 'disclaimer' is called for:
overbore, please do not take this personally, my 'crosshairs' are not on you on this matter. Glad to have you aboard here at THL, and I look forward to your future posts.

Originally Posted by overbore
May I respectfully refer all to the following link: <www.aeroballisticsonline.com/article/mystery_solved.html> for all to evaluate for themselves the 10 shot throat errosion with dangerous pressure rises in a 6.5.. Mauser. Overbore
I went to the above link and read the entire article including the rebuttal. I found the rebuttal more valid than the article, but I give the author credit for including the rebuttal on his site.

I had a difficult time reading any farther than the sixth paragraph in which the author makes the following comment:

Then a "spontaneous disassembly" occurred that destroyed the action but left the barrel undamaged.
Which is absurd. The bbl is threaded INTO the receiver. The BARREL contains the chamber. The receiver envelopes the barrel AND the chamber. If there was a "spontaneous disassembly" (which may be cute wording, but is nonetheless incorrect terminology), due to excessive pressure, the only way the action could be "destroyed" and the barrel left "undamaged", would be if the bolt blew straight out the back of the receiver. The picture at the top of the article clearly shows the receiver's front ring, that part that surrounds the bbl's chamber, is in pieces. This sort of misrepresentation makes the rest of the article "extremely suspect", to put it nicely.

If this "solves the mystery" for the author, good for him. As far as I'm concerned, it is simply another in a very, very long list of "I told you sos", and has precisely the same 'value' as all of the other ones.

There are just as many "Chicken Littles" on the Net as there are "Anything Goes" goof-balls. They both have credibility 'issues'.

To those wondering "What's right?", I respectfully suggest the following:
1) Shoot what you feel comfortable with.
2) Do not go past your "comfort zone" just because someone on the Net says you can.
3) By the same token, do not deny your own eyes, personal experience, and training just because someone on the Net says, "It's dangerous".
4) If you don't have personal experience and training... get some.

So unless I can set up my own ballistics lab with pressure testing equipment (come on Lotto!),
You can have that for less than $500 from Recreational Software Inc. http://www.shootingsoftware.com/ptsupport.htm

Finally, hasn't this wandered a bit "far afield" of the original topic?


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Default Re: >> 6.5 MM -- IS THIS THE "PERFECT" CALIBER ?

Trying a different scope before you tinker with the bedding is not a bad idea. In my younger days I bought a very nice little rifle in .22 hornet including scope but was at my wits end trying to get any accuracy from it. I sold it to a friend that took it off my hands for half of what I paid for it. He took the scope apart and found one end of the horizontal cross wire had come loose. A tiney drop of epoxy and the rifle shot very well for him. I should have kicked myself for that one.!!!Scope mounts can also cause inacurracy if they are not very secure in any rifle with even a mild recoil. I had that problem with a used .357 with 4" barrel. It came with a beautiful leopold 4x hand gun scope. It took about 50 rounds of dissapointing accuracy to realize the scope was moving. I couldn't budge it by hand but the recoil was too much for the cheap scope mount that came with the gun. A new scope mount that used 3 mounting screws instead of two screws solved the problem.

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Default Re: >> 6.5 MM -- IS THIS THE "PERFECT" CALIBER ?


I believe we have pretty well covered the subject and the thread has become quite lengthy. Since I started this thread, let me thank everyone who has contributed in this discussion...lets end it here.

Thanks again folks! I have certainly enjoyed the discussion.

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