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A 'Day' at the Range
Old 05-03-2018, 09:58 PM
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Default A 'Day' at the Range

I've been trying to get to the range for the last two weeks. As soon as I had ammo loaded, etc. the weather got very bad.

On Monday, I had my annual eye exam. They dilated my eyes, and I couldn't see clearly enough to shoot for another 4 hours.

On Tuesday, the sun came out - sorta - and I loaded the van and headed out. A mile down the road I could see some 30 miles away to where the range is. "See" is only metaphorical. There were purple clouds obscuring the mountains where the range is. I turned back and headed home. An hour later it was hailing. Seriously.

Wednesday it's closed.

Today is Thursday.

It was going to be cold (38 F when I was at the range), but no rain predicted. I headed out in time to arrive right when it opened at 10AM. Except I took a wrong turn and drove 15 miles (2-way) out of the way. I still got there about 10 after 10. The wind was HOWLING. I put FIFTY POUNDS OF WEIGHT on the base of my target stand, and it still got blown over. The wind was slightly quartering from behind, so I 'pressed on'.

I started with the .25 Krag. Some of you may remember several years ago that my youngest did a class project in which she correlated bullet type and penetration. The cartridge she used was the .25 Krag. One of the bullets she used was a solid made by Barnes, https://www.midwayusa.com/product/51...tail-box-of-50 that they don't make anymore. (Barnes #25793) I had five cartridges left over from that work, and I figured I would use them to sight the rifle in. First shot (3126 f/s) didn't hit the paper target. I thought I saw a new hole 'low', so I adjusted the scope accordingly and shot the second round. It hit the target, now only about 8" low, and perfect windage (3142 f/s). Couldn't extract the cartridge. No amount of grunting or muscle could get it out. I put that rifle away and got out the .416x348 Win on the H&R receiver I recently built.

I attached the Magneto Speed and prepared to shoot. I had planned to use three of the cartridges I had loaded with 350-grain Speer Deep Curl (#4491) to "sight in", and then use the rest at 100 yd. The hammer wouldn't stay back in the kocked position. How many times have I fired this rifle, at least 100. AT LEAST. NEVER a problem with the trigger. 20 rounds fire-formed. Three live rounds fired. MANY MANY dry-fires. No problem. NOW, AT THE RANGE, the trigger doesn't want to work. I can make it work by pushing it forward while I kock the hammer. I fire all ten rounds I have with me. The Magneto Speed catches all of them, and the groups at 50 yards are VERY encouraging. I move on to the next rifle - the Remington rolling block chambered in 12.7x44R.

I have 20 rounds of four different bullets. Five each a flat-nosed jacketed, a HP jacketed, a cast "Minie", and a 'plain' cast. I load one of the flat-nosed jacketed and let fly. Haven't got a CLUE where the bullet went. Certainly didn't hit the target. Hmm... Case looks good, and at 1768 f/s, velocity is 'about right'. I load the second round and let fly. I see a piece of plastic fly downrange. Hmm.... what could that be from? The only possibility is the Magneto Speed. But, I checked for alignment after I attached it, and the first shot was fine. It looks OK. At first. Then I look closer. The front has been shot off (the bayonet). Destroyed. I have no idea what happened. All I can think is that maybe the bullet came out "wobbling" and hit it. Doesn't matter. Destroyed.

At that, I decided to quit while I was behind. I packed up and went home.

Really now. Doesn't it SEEM like there are FORCES working against me here? Good thing I'm not superstitious.

I will have a "range report" detailing the .416's data in the Reloading subdirectory. http://thehunterslife.com/forums//sh...ad.php?t=19937

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8:32

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Do not confuse technical skill for wisdom and do not confuse strength for skill. Paul Skvorc

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