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Bison Hunt ADF&G Info
Old 04-18-2019, 02:25 PM
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Default Bison Hunt ADF&G Info

I got tired of wondering about when I was going to get my hunt info, so I called the Delta Junction ADF&G office to see if I could get any information. Turns out, it was the right day to call as they had just finished "figuring all of that out". Here it is. (More for me than "you", so I have a place to look when I want to recall or pass on info.)

I am in "Group 2".
My fall start date is October 5th. (Hunt starts Oct 1.)
My fall period is October 5 through November 3.
My "spring" (I'd call it winter) start date is February 8.
My spring period is February 8 through March 8.

I will be sent the above information via email "within a week or two".

The paperwork package including the tag, maps, and information will be sent out in July.

ADF&G holds "orientation" classes in the Delta Junction office the day before every start date, so 2 pm on the 4th of October for me. I expect to attend that class. One SHALL either attend an in-person orientation class prior to the hunt, OR take an on-line class. I have already taken the on-line class and have the certificate, so I'm 'good to go', but I'm sure there will be information to be gleaned from the in-person class in Delta Junction.

So I won't be hunting "opening day", but I will be in the second wave. That's better than being in the 'last wave'.

If I understand correctly, there were 100 permits awarded: 45 were bull-only, and 65 were either-seks. (I have an either-seks permit.) The 45 bull-only hunters get start dates parsed from Nov. 1 through Nov. 15, and then once they start, they get to hunt every day until March 31.

The either-seks hunters get 30 days between Oct 1 and Nov 30, and another 30 days between Feb 1 and March 31. So if they let 11 of the 65 either-seks hunters 'in' every 5 days, that accounts for 30 days (11 into 65 equals 6, and 6 times 5 days equals 30). Since every either-seks hunter gets 30 days total in each of the fall and spring hunts, the last group would start on the 30th of October and their last fall day of hunting would be the 29th of November. The fall hunt officially ends on the 30th of November, so those 'calculations' sound about right.

When I get to start, there will be a potential of 21 either-seks hunters in the field, (11 from the first wave plus the 10 from the second wave - I'm not counting myself), plus however many bull-only hunters they have apportioned to the first and second wave. I assume that at least SOME of the first 11 will have been successful in their first five days, so it is unlikely that all 22 potential either-seks hunters that CAN hunt WILL be hunting at the same time as me, but it is possible. Then there will be the first and second waves of bull-only hunters added to that 22. I would assume the same 10-ish per wave. So that adds another potential 20 hunters for a potential total of 42 hunters in the field on the day I get to start hunting.

Each 5-day interval after opening day the number of hunters in the field will increase by 20-ish, but then there will be some leaving the field every day due to hunters filling their tags.

In terms of probabilities, "it is what it is."

Since I have an either-seks tag, I anticipate success in getting A bison within 60 days of hunting. However, I think that the probability of getting a 'mature' bull in that same interval is quite low.

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