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Back to the .22 Hornet
Old 02-01-2020, 06:21 PM
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Default Back to the .22 Hornet

As can be seen here: http://www.thehunterslife.com/forums...457#post154457, my Anschutz .22 Hornet REALLY "likes" the Hornady factory ammo. If Hornady can do that, I should be able to put together some handloads that do just as good. The truth is, since it is SO precise out of this rifle, I could live with buying/using factory ammo. There are two problems with buying ammo though: 1) It's kinda spendy. Nevertheless, I'm willing to pay - about a buck per round - for that level of precision. 2) It's hard to FIND. (We looked all over the place between Kansas City and Rick's neck of the woods, and couldn't find ANY.) This is the primary reason I want to develop a load that is as precise as the Hornady factory ammo. Of course there is a third reason, but it's not too big a deal: It will bug me for a long time that I can't do better than 'factory' with my handloads. Heck, so far I can't even do as good as factory!

Anyway, I took one of the Hornady cartridges apart. Here's the data from that 'dissection':

Cartridge overall length - 1.707"
Cartridge SPOAL (StoneyPoint OverAll Length) - 1.445" (SPOAL is the point at which the diameter of the bullet equals the BORE diameter. For the bullet, this would be the length of the bearing surface of the bullet.)
Case Length - 1.390"
Bullet overall length - 0.5205"
Bullet SPOAL - 0.260"
0.205" measured to the center of the cannelure, which is the depth to which Hornady seats their cannelured bullet. Calculated seating depth based on case length, bullet length, bullet SPOAL and cartridge SPOAL is 0.202". Close enough.
The charge was 10.75 grains of SOMETHING. It's similar to Li'l Gun, but personally, I think it's different.

The three bullets I am considering using other than the Hornady 35-grain V-Max, are:
1) Nosler Ballistic Tip MPN-45150 - 35 grains (MPN = Manufacturer's Part Number)
Overall length - 0.735"
SPOAL - 0.308"

2) Midway "Dogtown" bullet - no MPN - 34 grains.
Overall length - 0.516"
SPOAL - 0.226"

3) Speer HP MPN-1014 - 33 grains
Overall length - .402"
SPOAL - 0.168"

The Nosler is on the left; the Hornady factory bullet with the cannelure; the Dogtown bullet next; and the Speer on the right. (Not sure why it's such a bad picture, but I don't intend to take another and go through the rigmarole to load it here.)

The 35-grain Hornady V-Max WITHOUT cannelure has a MPN of 22252. I don't have them in hand yet, so I can't measure the OAL and SPOAL. Clearly, the Dogtown bullet it the closest to the factory Hornady V-Max in both total length and SPOAL.

Here's what Nosler says for loads for it's 34 and 35-grain bullets:

The Hornady box claims that the ammo will do 3100 f/s at the muzzle. That is the MV I get (on average). (Another surprise: factory claim of MV that is actually close to what is observed!)

This is an interesting read: https://www.shootingtimes.com/editor...t_082306/99290

Quote from one gunwriter(ptooey): "
No other caliber I’ve ever owned, or developed loads for, has been more frustrating or given me more pure satisfaction than this little cartridge that was new when Calvin Coolidge was in office."

Another read pointing out how finicky the .22 Hornet is for reloading: http://www.lasc.us/RangingShot22Hornet.htm

Here's what Speer says for their 33-grain HP:

The "max charge" of the Accurate No.9 is very close to the Hornady load - 10.8 grains producing 3100+ f/s MV. Hmmm... I don't think I have any No. 9. I may be getting some.


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