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Re: .416x348 Win On H&R Topper
Old 04-15-2018, 08:25 PM
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Default Re: .416x348 Win On H&R Topper

The tungsten cobalt carbide 'sand' came in the mail yesterday. They gave me a little more than 2 lbs.

The rifle as is, weighs 7 lb 1 oz. I haven't got the 'sand' in the butt yet, but assuming I can only get exactly two pounds of it in, the new weight will be 9 lb 1 oz. Here are some numbers showing the difference in recoil.

I have circled in red the values that are different. Of course, these don't take into consideration 'stock design' or 'fit'. That's irrelevant to the comparison because it's the same rifle with the same 'design' and 'fit'. Therefore, comparing different weights is apples-to-apples. The number I care most about is "Energy of recoiling mass". That 35 ft-lb of 'recoil' is 'brutal' in that stock. The 27 ft-lb from the 9-lb version will be a BIG difference. I am also going to put a recoil pad on it. That will both add some weight, and 'soften' the blow.

You can see the difference a couple of pounds makes! Two pounds is a 28.5% increase in weight. All of the numbers associated with recoil are 28.5% "better" in the 9-lb gun. Of course there are 'trade-offs'. One is increased weight to carry around. Most of 'you' will know that I don't give a hoot about rifle weight until it gets over 11 lb. The second trade-off is 'balance'. We'll have to wait and see if the added weight to the butt makes this rifle 'butt-heavy'. I don't THINK it will, but it may. If it does, that will be a price I will have to pay for reduced recoil.


PS - There is another number I note that might be of significance: "Gun Travel". That's how much the gun has moved from the moment the trigger was pulled, to the moment when the bullet leaves the muzzle. In the 7-lb weight, the value is 0.173 inches. In the 9-lb weight, the value is 0.135 inches. That 0.038" of movement will have SOME affect on point of impact, and the farther out, the greater the impact.

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