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Re: Sako AIII
Old 01-15-2019, 01:46 AM
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Default Re: Sako AIII

To me, one of the 'coolest' things about black powder is that one TRULY can fill any case with black powder; compress the load; seat a bullet; and fire it without concern of "overloading" the rifle. For .30-06-based cases through .338 Win Mag cases (and maybe even above), you can pretty much do the same with 4831. THAT'S NOT A RECOMMENDATION OR SUGGESTION. (I'm sure some moron could find a way to "break" that 'universal law'.) But for reasonably behaved/mature people, 4831 and "magnum, bottle-necked" cases, 4831 is VERY 'friendly'.

For me personally, 4831 has always given me the best precision handloads with MID-RANGE weight bullets in any case I put it in. In other words, the best precision came with bullets somewhere in the middle of the weight range for the given caliber. It hasn't worked THE BEST for light-for-caliber bullets (except in the 7x300 Weatherby Mag and 115-grain HP), OR for heavy-for-caliber bullets. I have in recent years gotten some satisfaction from other powders like Reloder-17 in the .338 WM using heavier (225) Accubond bullets. I wouldn't even consider using any other powder in the 7mm Rem Mag. Since I've never been able to get Barnes bullets to shoot straight in ANY rifle I own, it's possible that the problem was 4831. I have no interest in 'scientifically' evaluating that possibility.

The above is not a 'sales pitch'. The powder people use in their reloading efforts is of only passing interest (curiosity) to me. I just hate to see people struggle with getting a rifle to shoot straight because they refuse to try "the" powder that A LOT of folks have had success with in that chambering.

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