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Re: Python Filet
Old 09-17-2020, 05:51 AM
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Default Re: Python Filet

Well.....so much for python meat. Yesterday & "re fried" the pieces of python and tried it out. I couldn't detect any difference in it. It is still tough as saddle leather after soakking in meat tenderizer for 24 hours. There is simply no taste to savor. I took the meat out back for the red fox kits to chew on. Even if it was tender I dislike any food that has no flavor. I'm finished with python as food.

I have been giving some thought to the reason for the toughness of the meat. I have come to the deduction it is all in the structure of the muscles. My opinion is pythons, like most non venimous snakes, kill their prey by constriction. Venimous snakes kill by venom & wait for the prey to die before consuming it. They don't have to squeeze it to death & don't need muscle like constrictors do. Body muscle is probably something like rope between the two types of snake. A twisted rope is considerably stronger than a braided rope. I don't know for sure but I suspect constrictors have more "linear" muscle construction & venimous snakes have a more "braided" construction. It seems reasonable to me that the venimous snake wouldn't be as tough. ......One could probably grind the python & make "sausage patties & eat it but the grinder would likely require at least a 30 horsepower diesel engine for the task. .......Paul H
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